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Real Estate Services

Reed Law, PLC, Is Focused On Providing Each Of Its Clients With Superior Real Estate Legal Services.

With over 15 years of real estate sales, rental property management, credit report repair and mortgage financing, Reed Law, PLC, can handle almost every real estate need.

    • Acquiescence (boundary line disputes)
    • Adverse possession (ownership based on long-term possession)
    • Construction and development issues
    • Conducting due diligence on title searches, disclosures and financing documentation
    • Drafting residential and commercial purchase agreements
    • Contract drafting
    • Advising and assisting in the negotiations to acquire or sell residential and commercial property
    • Review and preparation of closing documents
    • Drafting residential and commercial lease agreements
    • Delinquent property tax negotiation and settlement
    • Unpaid rent collection
    • Handling liens against property
    • Foreclosure advising and negotiation
    • Land contract negotiations
    • Property tax appeal negotiations
    • Short-sale workouts and negotiations
    • Quiet title actions
    • Easement Issues
    • Conveyance of real estate

For Sale By Owner

For Sale by Owner Legal Services

Landlord / Tenant Law